A total of 74 experimental huts of the WHOPES West African design belonging to the CREC/LSHTM Facility have been constructed at the experimental hut stations.

Mosquitoes monthly hut- entry rates in experimental huts at covè.


From Ngufor et al. (2015).

Peaks in monthly hut-entry rates occurred 2 months into the first and second rice planting (49/hut/night in April and 144/hut/night in December, respectively). The lowest entry rate was recorded between July and September (3.5–6.5/hut/night).

Resistance profile of Anopheles gambiae at covè, southern Benin.


From Ngufor et al. (2015).

Mortality (%) of wild Anopheles gambiae sl from the experimental hut station Cové, Benin exposed to diagnostic doses of insecticides in WHO cylinder bioassays. Error bars represent 95 % confidence intervals.
The resistance bioassays demonstrated very high levels of phenotypic resistance to pyrethroids and DDT in the Cové wild An. gambiae s.l. population, revealing a resistance ratio of > 200-fold compared to a susceptible laboratory strain.Resistance is mediated by high kdr ( >90%) and Microarray studies performed at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) showed elevated levels of P450 detoxification enzymes (CYP6P3) in vector population in Cove.

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