CREC/LSHTM Newsletter 22nd Issue | 21 October 2022

We are delighted to bring you this 22nd issue of the CREC/LSHTM newsletter. In this issue we are excited to share with you opened research grants, updates on our ongoing projects, latest publications including WHO draft guidelines and initiatives, and other opportunities that may interest you and your team...... Read more web site..

CREC/LSHTM Newsletter 17th Issue August 2021

Our facility’s Lead Scientist Dr Corine Ngufor
, participated in the Malaria Consortium’s Twitter chat dubbed #MosquitoChat which brought together some of the world’s top scientists fighting mosquito-borne diseases. Follow the Malaria Consortium blog to read the key issues that were raised..... Read more web site..

CREC/LSHTM Newsletter 16 th Issue June 2021

Our 16th issue of the CREC/LSHTM Newsletter
has been published on the theme: "Building capacity, community level interventions for malaria prevention!" It highlights some of the significant contributions that CREC/LSHTM is making in the development of human resources and novel vector control tools towards the global zero malaria target. And it also shares some important opportunities, news and publications from the vector control community... Read more web site..

CREC/LSHTM Newsletter 15 th Issue April 2021

World Malaria Day 2021 Celebration
In celebrating World Malaria Day, we used our social media platforms (LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook) to.. Read more web site..

CREC/LSHTM Newsletter 14 th Issue Fabruary 2021

CREC/LSHTM Challenge 2021
With inspirations from the facility manager, CREC/LSHTM Facility has come up with the challenge for this year entitled CREC/LSHTM Challenge 2021, which outlines the facility’s key objectives for the year.. Read more web site..

CREC/LSHTM Newsletter 13 th Issue December 2020

Seasonal Greetings from Management
As we draw towards the end of a very challenging year, we would like to wish all our staff and partners a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope you find time to rest and recharge during this festive period!" - Dr. Corine Ngufor, (Facility Manager, CREC/LSHTM). Read more web site..

CREC/LSHTM Newsletter 12 th Issue October 2020

Presentation of our new facility building
As our work in #vectorcontrol products evaluation expands it has become imperative for us to move into a new building which can better accommodate our growing staff size, and laboratory units. Below are few shots of the new CREC/LSHTM Facility that relocated into recently. It is a two-storey building just some 100 meters away from where we were located before. And you can allowedays find several images from our website gallery. Read more web site..

CREC/LSHTM Newsletter 11 th Issue August 2020

A Successful Completion of GLP Refresher Training
All staff and management of CREC/LSHTM have undergone another GLP training – to refresh our competencies in undertaking studies in conformance to the OECD principles of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). We undertake this training every two years because of the importance we have placed on GLP principles in our facility. Read more web site..

CREC/LSHTM Newsletter 10 th Issue June 2020

This current issue of the CREC/LSHTM Newsletter presents you with interesting updates including staff training in GIS, Quality Assurance activities, and open access to our recent publications, as well as some important upcoming events and calls for grants - especially opportunities more related to African researchers and students. Follow this link to read full newsletter, and get interactive with us on our social media handles as well. #vectorcontrol #mosquito #malaria Read more web site..

CREC/LSHTM Newsletter 9 th Issue May 2020

This month there are still some good news to update you with:

  • CREC/LSHTM is advancing its collaborations and networks
  • Promotions of some staff at CREC/LSHTM
  • Open access research platforms and MOOCs launched for the global community of vector control
  • And interesting upcoming events.
  • Read on, and remember to follow our social media links to get interactive with CREC/LSHTM.
Read more web site..

CREC/LSHTM Newsletter 8 th Issue Avril 2020

General Facility Updates

Amidst the pandemic
CREC/LSHTM is making great strides in our studies and commitment to deliver quality evaluation of IRS and LLINs products. Check out CREC/LSHTM Newsletter [008]: Great study progress, funding and good news - including funding opportunities. Our pragmatic response to the COVID-19 surge has enable us to progress with ongoing studies, while respective all prevention protocols. Read more..

CREC/LSHTM Newsletter 7 th Issue March 2020

General Facility Updates

Dear Readers,
At CREC/LSHTM, we have been concerned and touched by the COVID-19 pandemic as well. And we hope this newsletter finds you safe. Meanwhile, the team here has also adopted necessary precautions and government recommendations to prevent the community spread of the virus; and work together to get through this unusual time. It makes us hopeful that we can make the changes to start fighting this COVID-19, malaria and other crises the world is facing. Read more..

CREC/LSHTM Newsletter 6 Issue February 2020 draft 3


The communication team of CREC/LSHTM had a close-up interview with the facility manager, Dr Corine Ngufor, to reflect on the past year and what lies ahead of us as an organisation. This article captures what she revealed in the interview, for the information of all staff, partners and sponsors of the CREC/LSHTM. Read more..

CREC/LSHTM Newsletter Issue December 2019


Mosquitoes, the malaria vector are very important in the global fight against malaria. It is no doubt the most important “test item” in efficacy studies of vector control tools. CREC/LSHTM has a well-resourced insectary unit to produce and supply mosquitoes for its very busy bioassay laboratory. Read more..

CREC-LSHTM Newsletter Issue October 2019

CREC/LSHTM Facility prides in its quality service delivery hinged on high staff competency level & training programs

The CREC/LSHTM Facility does not undermine the place of staff competence in achieving and maintaining success in its day-to-day operations aimed at rendering quality services to its clients and contributing ultimately to reducing the impact of malaria in the tropics. Read more..

CREC-LSHTM Newsletter Issue July 2019

Experiment Hut Stations for vector Control Product Evaluation

In keeping with guidelines stipulating the need of a suitable system for WHOPES phase 2 semi-field evaluation of vector control tools, CREC / LSHTM installed a field site at Covè (7°14′N, 2°18′E), central Benin in 2013. Read more..

CREC-LSHTM Newsletter Issue 2 March 2019

Technical meeting

CREC/LSHTM is preparing for the kick-off of its community randomized controlled trial. This project funded by UNITAID through IVCC aims at accessing the efficacy of 2 novel dual active Ingredient LLINs (Royal Guard net combining pyriproxyfen and alpha-cypermethrin) and Interceptor G2 (a mixture incorporating chlorfenapyr and alpha-cypermethrin) in 3 districts in central Benin. Read more..

CREC-LSHTM Newsletter Issue 1 February 2019


CREC/LSHTM (Benin) has become the first research center in the West African region and the second on the African continent to receive the OECD Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) accreditation in vector control product evaluation. This is a laudable achievement and only reveals the priority and value the CREC/LSHTM team places on the quality of its services. Read more..

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