CREC LSHTM Newsletter December 2019


Mosquitoes, the malaria vector are very important in the global fight against malaria. It is no doubt the most important “test item” in efficacy studies of vector control tools. CREC/LSHTM has a well-resourced insectary unit to produce and supply mosquitoes for its very busy bioassay laboratory. Read more..

CREC-LSHTM Newsletter Issue October 2019

CREC/LSHTM Facility prides in its quality service delivery hinged on high staff competency level & training programs

The CREC/LSHTM Facility does not undermine the place of staff competence in achieving and maintaining success in its day-to-day operations aimed at rendering quality services to its clients and contributing ultimately to reducing the impact of malaria in the tropics. Read more..

CREC-LSHTM Newsletter Issue July 2019

Experiment Hut Stations for vector Control Product Evaluation

In keeping with guidelines stipulating the need of a suitable system for WHOPES phase 2 semi-field evaluation of vector control tools, CREC / LSHTM installed a field site at Covè (7°14′N, 2°18′E), central Benin in 2013. Read more..

CREC-LSHTM Newsletter Issue 2 March 2019

Technical meeting

CREC/LSHTM is preparing for the kick-off of its community randomized controlled trial. This project funded by UNITAID through IVCC aims at accessing the efficacy of 2 novel dual active Ingredient LLINs (Royal Guard net combining pyriproxyfen and alpha-cypermethrin) and Interceptor G2 (a mixture incorporating chlorfenapyr and alpha-cypermethrin) in 3 districts in central Benin. Read more..

CREC-LSHTM Newsletter Issue 1 February 2019


CREC/LSHTM (Benin) has become the first research center in the West African region and the second on the African continent to receive the OECD Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) accreditation in vector control product evaluation. This is a laudable achievement and only reveals the priority and value the CREC/LSHTM team places on the quality of its services. Read more..

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