WHOPES phase 3 testing

We perform the following Phase3 studies in our facility:

  • Large-scale field trials to establish the efficacy of insecticide formulations at the selected application rates against the target vector species, when applied to all or most households in the community;
  • Monitoring of mosquito resting density in treated rooms by human landing catches or CDC light trap catches for measuring the efficacy and residual activity of the insecticide treatment;
  • Measure the parous rate of a sample of mosquitoes collected in HLC or space spray catches to estimate mosquito lifespan in the field;
  • Diagnosis of Plasmodium species using an ELISA test to detect circum-sporozoite protein (CSP) of Plasmodium falciparum or P. vivax in the crushed heads and thoraxes of specimens, which are stored dry on silica gel;
  • Bioassays on treated surfaces or treated nets using WHO plastic cones to determine insecticide bioavailability and residual activity.

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